I Tried a Compact Treadmill, and Even I Was Surprised…

Everyone knows that treadmills are probably the best way to get a good cardio-centric workout without having to head outside.

They effectively help you simulate a running or walking workout that helps condition your body the more you engage in that type of workout. Thanks to that, treadmills are pretty much considered staples for home workouts.

There’s a problem with that, though.

When you think about it, a standard treadmill is a pretty big piece of equipment. While some people do have the room for that treadmill, others simply don’t. They just have no space options to store that big piece of equipment—and, forget about dedicating an entire room to that equipment.

Most people just don’t have that space!

So, instead of having to dedicate an entire room of equipment to your treadmill, there’s another option you can consider. That option is known as a compact treadmill. Just as the name implies, a compact treadmill is a treadmill with a design that allows for it to be efficiently stored within a smaller space (nasa).

In other words, these treadmills are usually portable, foldable and simple to store within any home.

  • portable
  • foldable
  • simple to store

When You Learn About These Benefits You Will Never Look Back Again

So, I don’t have the space for a standard sized treadmill. Can you tell me more about the benefits of settling for a compact treadmill for running? What should I expect when buying one?


There are a lot of reasons why you should get a compact treadmill for home over a standard treadmill.

The main reason involves the space.

If you don’t have the space for a standard treadmill, why waste the time and struggle with one when you can just get a compact treadmill instead?

Most people who don’t have a lot of workout space usually get a compact treadmill over a standard treadmill. Even people who move around a lot end up getting a compact treadmill to avoid having to keep lugging around a larger treadmill.

And, of course, compact treadmills are usually inexpensive when compared to standard treadmills, making them suitable for people on a budget, too.

Let’s look at the portability of a compact treadmill for home.

Most compact treadmills are built in a way that allows them to easily slide into any large space for storage, such as under a bed, inside a large closet or propped against a wall. That pretty much implies that compact treadmills are foldable in nature—and, you’re right if you guessed that. Many foldable treadmills are compact treadmills, since their folding nature is what helps make them compact.

compact treadmill foldable step 1

compact treadmill folding step 2

compact treadmill folding step 3

compact treadmill folding step 4

Compact treadmills, as mentioned, are also relatively inexpensive, so you’re not going to have a hard time finding one in your price range.

You do, however, need to watch out for drawbacks like instability, weaker performances and weaker construction when looking for a compact treadmill.

Thanks to those factors, it’s often advised to stick with reading compact treadmill reviews to learn more about what that particular market can offer.

So, compact treadmills are a great option for people that don’t have the space or want to save money on getting a good treadmill.

To get a good compact treadmill for home, however, you have to look out for compact treadmills that have good quality in the first place.

Tell Me About the Best Compact Treadmill for Home

All right, I’m convinced now! Can you tell me what are some of the best compact treadmill brands on the market today? What should I expect to find on the market?

Okay, so when you’re searching for a compact treadmill for running, it’s important to keep a few things in mind, such as who will use the treadmill and how long do you plan on using it.

If you plan on using the compact treadmill for a long time, you’ll have to find an expensive model that’s well rated enough to justify the price. And, in most cases, the price is often justified by the compact treadmill reviews.

So, you’re wondering about the best types of compact treadmills to buy on the market?.

Luckily, there are actually several that fit the criteria that most people look for in a compact treadmill: stability, performance and a good compact build.

The Horizon Evolve SG is a well reviewed compact treadmill that features many of the ‘bells and whistles’ that its larger counterparts often feature. It includes 2-watt audio speakers, a heart rate monitor and an easy to read LCD display. Of course, the build of this compact treadmill is pretty good, too.

horizon evolve sg compact size tredmill

It’s considered lighter than other compact treadmills on the market at about 99 pounds; it also folds to about 10 inches high, so it can be stored in any place where you can just, well, tuck it away. The running area is large enough to accommodate most people at 17-inches by 45-inches, though taller or larger people may need something larger and sturdier.

Like the Horizon Evolve SG, LifeSpan Fitness compact treadmills like the TR100 and TR200 include a lot of features that improve the quality of both treadmills themselves. That includes a rather robust LCD console that tracks the distance, speed, incline, steps and even burned calories during a workout, in addition to treadmill belts that are large enough to accommodate most people.

Both treadmills are also much heavier than the Horizon, meaning that they can support slightly heavier weights. While they’re a little more expensive than the Horizon, they’re both good options for people that want a heavier compact treadmill that’s worth the price.

Another compact treadmill for running on the market is the Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill. Unlike the aforementioned treadmills, this compact treadmill is a manual treadmill, meaning that you have to manually power this treadmill.

phoenix 98510 fold-up manual treadmill

In other words, it doesn’t include a motor. It’s probably the best compact treadmill option for people that want to save money, since it doesn’t cost any more than $300. Since it’s a manual treadmill, it will give you an intense workout in little time, so it’s the best compact treadmill for shorter workouts on a regular basis.

Other notable compact treadmill brands include the SOLE Fitness folding treadmills, notably the F80 and F85.

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sole f80 foldaway compact treadmill

While both treadmills are definitely in a higher price range than any of the previously mentioned compact treadmills, they’re both great compact treadmill options for people that want the top of the line best compact treadmill for their home.

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